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Proti nebi, Foto Jaroslav Holitzer
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Žába, Foto: Markéta Hrnčálová
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12. 5. Petr v Milovicích za našim kamarádem Vojtíkem - velká radost!
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Creative Groups

Worth mentioning are creative groups, both from the Czech Republic and abroad, that joined our activities in the course of years. Their films represented our association at amateur film festivals both in our country and abroad. Thanks to them our association, as one of few, owns an extensive foundation of author films that forms part of our archive. Different groups appeared and disappeared, but to us the most important is they existed!
Especially the years 2007 and 2008 were very active and fruitful from the point of view of creative groups. Anyone who longed for creation could join us! Thanks to subject matter, grants and international cooperation we succeeded to create a space for personal film self-fulfillment for everyone who was interested.