Pražské mosty Foto: Michal Rak
28. říjen Den státnosti Foto: Marcela Klicperová

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True loveVirtual lifeFiktive lifeIn the whirl of danceTo Vienna to work


PantsThe bond

To Vienna to work

Series of photos
Young man living in Moravia, Czech Republic, does not live well. Therefore, we decided to look for work abroad. It was supposed to be an adventure for us ………Besides of the photos, video supposed to be part of the project as well.
This group ceased to exist due to the violent death committed on David Olšaník.

In the whirl of dance

Length: 15:21 min
NOur video reveals the mysterious story from the beginning of the birth of human civilization up until to today’s hectic times. It is a story of strength, tolerance and love, which takes on different forms through the ages and never dies.
The central character – the dancer – provokes and reminds those never-ending challenges to the human civilization. Black and white mask symbolizes the never-ending struggle which belongs even to 21. century, since the both masks and the Indian headdress survived and they are still here with us. These are symbols of hope for ever and ever…

Fictive life

Length: 1:30 min
Comics / Photostory – participation of the photos into one subject. Useful even for people with learning deficit.

Virtual Life

Length: 3 min
Short video that reflects the attitudes of young people to social networks. Film is slightly critical to life in social networks and the criticism is simulated due the story of a young man who suffers of incurable disease. The young man at the end of his life is being aware of the actual values and realizes that life he lived was only virtual life.
The film was made under the project To be young – Jung zu sein in 2013.

True love

Length: 10 min
Sebastian loves Nina. She also likes him, but she has a boyfriend. Sebastian is very sad and he tries to figure out why Nina does not want him, but the another one. He wants to know exactly how it is, therefore he begins with himself – he wants to change. Then he finds Leoni and teaches her about life and love. Is this the true love?

The bond

Length: 13 min
Film The bond takes place in the eighties in the countryside. The main character is a little boy Michal, whose dream is to be a football player. But he can’t play football because of a bone’s defect, which prevents him from moving. Michael lives with his dad, who is an alcoholic. The boy almost miraculously overcomes the defect of bones, starts to walk and he and his father find a way to each other and they try to escape together.
Film slightly reflects the political situation in Czechoslovakia, but the main theme of the film is the family relationships, which has been heavily destroyed by the regime. The main protagonists need to deal with their problems and develop a strong bond to each other.
The film was shot in 2008, part of the story was written in England. The filming lasted one year. Most of the actors and filmmakers were around 12-13 years old at the time.
Reissue of the film 2012 under the project To be young – Jung zu sein


Length: 3 min
We live in an intolerant society. The majority of the group always looks at the minority with disgust. Film Pants depicts the form of the society. The main motive of the movie is the red pants, that goes to school with nothing but dark pants. Red pants become targets of attacks, taunts and bullying. Red trousers are located outside the society just because they have a different color than other.
This film was supported by a project To be young in 2012, with the participation of students from Gymnasium in Stříbro.