Pražské mosty Foto: Michal Rak
28. říjen Den státnosti Foto: Marcela Klicperová

Creative Group Vesper

Creative group Večernice (Vesper) is really exceptional because it connects authors with mental handicaps. This fact doesn’t exclude them from actual education in the field of film and photographic creation.

Members of Creative Group Večernice (Vesper):

Marcela KlicperováDan BabišPetr KrisoJiří JedličkaJaroslav HollitzerLeander TietzMarek ŠvihovecPetr Mann
Marcela used to study an elementary school for people with special abilities, after that she passed the state exam in machine writing. Her favorite pastime forms the study of English, French and German. She has been the member of Special Olympiads and studio Oáza (Oasis) since1991. In 2004 and 2006 she was elected a Globe Messenger with a friend from Norway. She visited North Carolina, Japan, Panama, Switzerland, Hungary and Estonia. She held speeches in English in all of the visited countries. She likes to write emails to her friends on the internet. As a member of the creative group Večernice (Vesper) she deals with digital camera and photography. Her contribution to the group activities is very active. She writes screenplays, is able to use Power Point for creating presentations, now she strives to learn the film cut as well.
He cooperated on films that were created by the creative group, either as a screenplay writer or as an actor. He is very popular among the group members due to his unique sense of humor and good ideas. He’s keen on sports, but at the same time he likes painting and learning German. Natural part of his interest forms the work with photographic camera, which he is not afraid to use everywhere “where things happen”.
He cooperates on films created by the creative group, personally he would love to capture by the means of film or photography everything that has passed unnoticed by the others. He works for the “Metrostav” company and does the cleaning works as a temporary job. From sports he likes table tennis, football and skis the most. He loves changes, works with time and never stops…
Jiří has been taking photographs for quite some time, which can be seen in his deliberate choose of subject matter. He holds the post of the group spokesman, at the same time working as mediator between the creative group Večernice (Vesper) and the executive council of the association AČV MEDIALOG o.s.. He’s an implementer of several collective film projects, the film „Světlo života“ (Light of Life), being his debut. He contributes to the films as well by the choice of music.
Jaroslav works together with Dan for a production cooperative “Drutěva” where they got to know each other well. He joined the group of photographers and film makers thanks to his active lifestyle and he got quickly involved thanks to his distinctive sense for justice. Now he cements individual opinions within the creative group. He likes to play table tennis and football. He’s a keen exhibition goer and likes to visit Zoo and of course, as a die-hard fan, the Sparta Prague football club stadium.
Leander is 57 years old and works for the “Metrostav” company in Prague. He collects postcards and pin badges, does tourism and travels abroad. He also likes to cook, but first of all he loves photography, his most favorite subject matter being the window views into the distance over the city roof tops.
Marek is a new member of the CG Vesper who provides the group, thanks to his orientation, with artistic sensibility and drive. His life attitude is determined by permanent self development together with strong artistic endeavor. He attends the dramatic group in Studio Oáza (Oasis) – he loves playing theatre and shooting films.
A new member of the group. Peter likes dancing, photography, classical music and architecture. He is capable of connecting individual authors whenever any communication problem appears.

Work of CG Večernice: